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Gentoo / Linux
gentoo/2017-01-NUUG-presentation.git kristianf 3 years ago
gentoo/comrel-glep.git GLEP drafting for Gentoo ComRel kristianf 3 years ago
gentoo/distros-statistics.git Distros ML statistics kristianf 2 years ago
gentoo/gentoo-security-glep.git GLEP drafting for Gentoo Security kristianf 3 years ago
gentoo/lxc-gentoo-scripts.git Collection of scripts to manag... kristianf 4 years ago
gentoo/pr-fosdem2018-flyer.git FOSDEM 2018 flyer kristianf 2 years ago
gentoo/qemu-setup-helpers.git Installation scripts for Gento... kristianf 3 years ago
gentoo/trustee-financial-rfp.git Trustee financial rfp kristianf 23 months ago
gentoo/wg-stable.git kristianf 3 years ago