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Gentoo / Linux
raid-monitoring.git Collection of simple scripts... kristianf 6 years ago
portage-overlay.git kristianf 3 years ago
gentoo/gentoo-security-glep.git GLEP drafting for Gentoo Security kristianf 5 years ago
gentoo/2017-01-NUUG-presentation.git kristianf 5 years ago
gentoo/wg-stable.git kristianf 6 years ago
gentoo/distros-statistics.git Distros ML statistics kristianf 4 years ago
gentoo/comrel-glep.git GLEP drafting for Gentoo ComRel kristianf 5 years ago
gentoo/qemu-setup-helpers.git Installation scripts for Gento... kristianf 5 years ago
gentoo/pr-fosdem2018-flyer.git FOSDEM 2018 flyer kristianf 4 years ago
gentoo/lxc-gentoo-scripts.git Collection of scripts to manag... kristianf 6 years ago
gentoo/trustee-financial-rfp.git Trustee financial rfp kristianf 4 years ago
munin-apcupsd.git Backup of original repo found... kristianf 9 years ago
latex/bibliography.git Collection of custom bibliogra... kristianf 6 years ago
MariaDB/MySQL related development
mariadb/sha2-family-functions.git kristianf 6 years ago
Microsoft related development
microsoft/activex-drawchart.git kristianf 6 years ago
kristianfiskerstrand-com.git kristianf 7 years ago
misc/libgcrypt-hasher.git kristianf 5 years ago
misc/cna-cve-admin.git kristianf 5 years ago
misc/asterisk-openpgp-mailsend.git kristianf 7 years ago
nuug/nuug-folder.git Folder for NUUG kristianf 4 years ago
nuug/svar-arkivlov.git Høyring - ny forskrift om... kristianf 5 years ago
sks-keyservers-pool.git kristianf 3 years ago Presentation at Norwegian... kristianf 8 years ago
sks-keyserver-SRV.git kristianf 10 years ago
2016-09-OpenPGP-Conf-update-on-sks-keyserver-services.git Presentation at Norwegian... kristianf 6 years ago
munin-sks.git Munin scripts for SKS pascallev 7 years ago
Smaller PHP-projects
ldap-hkp-gateway.git kristianf 7 years ago
openpgp-sendmail-classes.git kristianf 8 years ago
openpgp-ksp-scripts.git kristianf 7 years ago