2016-11-21 Kristian Fiskerstrand( download kernel-config directly from git... master
2016-11-21 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd support for virtio-rng
2016-08-30 Kristian FiskerstrandMake logic of config more intuitive
2016-08-13 Kristian Fiskerstrand( Update to the non-multislot grub change
2015-12-22 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd NFS portage support
2015-09-01 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd automated ntpd support for local setup
2015-04-23 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate stage3 reference to 20150416 snapshot
2015-04-17 Kristian FiskerstrandAutomate munin
2015-03-09 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd binhost support, cpuinfo2cpuflags-x86
2014-12-23 Kristian FiskerstrandInitial commit