2018-09-09 Francisco Blas... Address the remaining concerns regarding the foundation... master
2018-04-17 Kristian Fiskerstrandmain: Add contact point, write a bit about reconstructi...
2018-04-11 Robin H. Johnsonlaw: need to know US IRS non-profit tax law specifically
2018-04-11 Robin H. Johnsontooling: whitespace, proprietary text improvement
2018-04-11 Robin H. Johnsonscope-of-service: whitespace.
2018-04-11 Robin H. Johnsonfinancial-status: recent treasurer work of book-keeping...
2018-04-11 Robin H. Johnsonfinancial-status: current financial state & wrong earli...
2018-04-11 Robin H. Johnsonfoundation: split addresses, add registered agent,...
2018-04-11 Robin H. Johnsonfoundation: fix composition of executive.
2018-04-10 Robin H. JohnsonLegal: we are/were trying for 501(c)(6).
2018-04-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandmain: minor updates
2018-04-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: update gitignore
2018-04-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandmain: minor rewording
2018-04-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandmain: Write a bit more on outline WIP-1
2018-04-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: some more updates
2018-04-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Start writing on content
2018-04-02 Kristian Fiskerstrandinit