2015-01-08 Kristian FiskerstrandBring git repo up to date with internal mercurial worki... master
2014-08-03 kristianfAdd HTTP meta quiv for UTF-8
2014-08-03 kristianfSlight code cleanup, add RSA to list of non-acceptable...
2014-08-03 kristianfAestethical cleanup
2014-08-01 kristianfAdd generation script and config file
2014-08-01 kristianfClean up text
2014-08-01 kristianfFurther fixing info
2014-08-01 kristianfActually make the output useful
2013-10-25 kristianfUpdate use of split() to explode() as split is deprecated
2013-10-13 kristianfMake date optional
2013-10-13 kristianfget_keyid: add option to retrive unformatted key
2013-10-13 kristianfadd_uid: remove silly iteration
2013-10-13 kristianfOutput directly to file
2013-10-13 kristianfAdd catch-all to unknown key type (?)
2013-10-13 kristianfFixing up output
2013-10-13 kristianfAdd creation date
2013-10-13 kristianfAdd UID
2013-10-13 kristianfWorking prototype, missing details still
2013-10-13 kristianfinit