net-misc/sks-9999: bump db to 5.3
[portage-overlay.git] / app-crypt / gnupg / gnupg-9999.ebuild
2014-06-30 kristianfnet-misc/sks-9999: bump db to 5.3
2014-06-12 kristianfnet-misc/polly: add missing file
2014-05-15 kristianfRemove paperkey as this is included in main portage...
2014-02-19 kristianfapp-crypt/sss: clean up ebuild epatch use
2013-12-14 kristianfnet-misc/sks: file alignment
2013-12-13 kristianfupdate
2013-12-13 kristianfupdate
2013-12-13 kristianfRemove slotting from libgcrypt as this isn't working...
2013-12-11 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: symlink for agent
2013-12-09 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: clean up ebuild to not install in...
2013-12-08 kristianfFixes to gnupg packages
2013-12-08 kristianfFixes to gnupg packages
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg and app-crypt/npth: bump EAPI. Explicit...
2013-12-08 kristianfnet-misc/sks: Add explicit slot dependencies
2013-12-05 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: add more verbose die to autogen
2013-12-05 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: Move autogen to src_prepare
2013-11-10 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg-9999: Set WANT_AUTOMAKE to 1.13
2013-11-03 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg-9999: Make sure build terminates upon...
2013-10-25 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: move autogen to src_configure
2013-10-20 kristianfdev-libs/npth, app-crypt/gnupg: update descriptions
2013-10-20 kristianf* app-crypt/gnupg: add git version * dev-libs/npth...