dev-libs/libgcrypt: add transfig build dep
[portage-overlay.git] / app-crypt / monkeysphere /
2014-08-17 kristianfManifest
2014-08-17 kristianfRemove := requirements
2014-08-09 kristianfRemove newer version as this is only causing issues
2014-08-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: version bump to 0.37
2014-07-17 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-03-31 kristianfAdd spotify and libgcrypt on .11
2014-03-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: fix error in permission of...
2014-03-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: fix error in permission of...
2014-02-16 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: RESTRICT=test the ebuild
2014-02-16 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: update comment wrt tests
2014-02-16 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Start fixing tests
2013-12-28 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Add comment for patch
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: whitespace fixes
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: revbump
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: fix patch
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: add sanity check that openpgp2s...
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Use debian mirror form thirpart...
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: use default rather than default...
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: explicit slot dependencies
2013-11-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: update DOCS array
2013-11-18 kristianfappcrypt/monkeysphere: cleanup
2013-11-18 kristianfappcrypt/monkeysphere: update keywords
2013-11-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: use default_src_install
2013-11-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: remove empty line
2013-11-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: update ebuild
2013-11-18 kristianfupdate
2013-11-18 kristianfmanifest
2013-11-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: ebuild fixes
2013-11-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: cleanup ebuild
2013-11-17 kristianfapp-crypt/msva-perl: cleanup ebuild and add metadata
2013-11-15 kristianfmanifest
2013-11-15 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Rename to
2013-10-10 kristianfupdate manifest
2013-10-10 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: try to fix empty UID
2013-10-10 kristianfupdate
2013-10-10 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Fix for empty UID
2013-10-07 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Make dep on either netcat or...
2013-10-07 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: clean up patch file 01_default_...
2013-10-07 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Add non-default port fix to...
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate manifest
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: add net-analyzer/netcat to...
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: remove non-needed dir creation
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: add missing ||die to ebuild
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Do not depend on default login...
2013-10-06 kristianfUse postinst for monkeysphere
2013-10-06 kristianfadd missing ||die to monkeysphere ebuild
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate user privs in monkeysphere ebuild
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate manifest
2013-10-06 kristianfRemove use of PN variable in monkeysphere package
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate manifest for monkeysphere
2013-10-06 kristianfRemove COPYING from installation in monkeysphere ebuild
2013-10-06 kristianfmerge
2013-10-06 kristianfTry to fix up monkeysphere ebuild according to standards
2013-09-29 kristianfClean up ebuilds
2013-09-21 Kristian Fiskerstrand *Fix for path for msva-perl *Add manifest files
2013-09-21 kristianfinit