net-libs/stem: Bump version to 1.4.1b
[portage-overlay.git] / dev-libs /
2015-05-25 Kristian Fiskerstranddev-libs/libgcrypt: Remove old versions
2015-02-14 Kristian Fiskerstranddev-libs/libgcrypt: Fix manifest
2015-01-25 Kristian Fiskerstrand(app-crypt/gnupg, dev-libs/libgcrypt): Automake 1.14
2014-10-10 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: add build dep on ghostscript-gpl
2014-10-10 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: add transfig build dep
2014-09-11 kristianfdev-libs/ps4000a: Update description to correct series
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps5000: Add drivers for ps5000 series to picoscope
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps4000a: Add drivers for ps4000A series to...
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps4000: Add drivers for ps4000 series to picoscope
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps3000a: bump version to -r08
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps3000A: Add drivers for ps3000A series to...
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps3000: Add drivers for ps3000 series to picoscope
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps2000a: Add drivers for ps2000A series to...
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/picoipp: Remove x86 keywords as I haven't...
2014-09-07 kristianfAdd picoscope
2014-08-24 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: Remove 2.1 beta (non-live) from overla...
2014-07-29 kristianfdev-lib/libgcrypt: Update comment
2014-07-29 kristianfremove
2014-07-29 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: attempt to fix x32 issue
2014-07-23 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: update asm IUSE
2014-07-23 kristianfdev-lisb/libgcrypt: set asm support default off
2014-07-23 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: bump libgcrypt to 1.6.1 and add...
2014-07-18 kristianfdev-libs/npth: manifest rebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfdev-libs/libgpg-error: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfdev-libs/npth: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-03-31 kristianfAdd spotify and libgcrypt on .11
2014-02-18 kristianfadd dev-libs/libgcrypt-error as this is now needed...
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: add sanity check that openpgp2s...
2013-12-17 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: use domenu
2013-12-13 kristianfRemove slotting from libgcrypt as this isn't working...
2013-12-13 kristianfnet-misc/sks: cleanup by mrueg
2013-12-09 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: ebuild cleanup, specific texinfo...
2013-12-08 kristianfFixes to gnupg packages
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg and app-crypt/npth: bump EAPI. Explicit...
2013-10-24 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: add 9999 version
2013-10-20 kristianfUpdate manifest
2013-10-20 kristianfdev-libs/npth, app-crypt/gnupg: update descriptions
2013-10-20 kristianf* app-crypt/gnupg: add git version * dev-libs/npth...