Add MY_PN component for real
[portage-overlay.git] / media-fonts /
2014-09-08 kristianfRemove eika-otf from repository
2014-08-09 kristianfManifest
2014-08-09 kristianfRemove newer version as this is only causing issues
2014-07-29 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: attempt to fix x32 issue
2014-07-29 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Improve upon ebuild
2014-07-23 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: bump libgcrypt to 1.6.1 and add...
2014-06-01 kristianfmedia-fonts/mozilla-fira*: add metadata files
2014-05-31 kristianfMove mozilla-fira files from to
2014-05-24 kristianfupdate manifest after latest commit
2014-05-24 kristianfCreate separate package for mozilla-fira otf and ttf
2014-05-24 kristianfAdd preliminary media-fonts/mozilla-fira