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[portage-overlay.git] / net-misc /
2013-12-08 kristianfnet-misc/sks: Add explicit slot dependencies
2013-12-04 kristianfnet-misc/sks-9999: update to match 1.1.4 in gento tree
2013-12-03 kristianfmanifest
2013-12-03 kristianfnet-misc/sks: align with gentoo tree for file names
2013-12-03 kristianfnet-misc/sks: align with gentoo tree for file names
2013-12-03 kristianfAdd readme.gentoo_create_doc
2013-12-03 kristianfremove doman again, as it isn't necessary
2013-12-03 kristianfnet-misc/sks: add missing man patch
2013-12-03 kristianf* Fix sksconf location * patch man
2013-12-03 kristianfnet-misc/sks: add gz prefix for man page
2013-12-03 kristianfnet-misc/sks: Add doman sks.8
2013-11-15 kristianfforget
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: update systemd service files based on...
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: update 9999 version after fixing 1.1.4
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: repoman fixes
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: ebuild fixes
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: only show replace upon upgrade
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: ewarn fix
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: move README content
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: fixing ebuild
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: bump EAPI
2013-11-15 kristianfupdate manifest
2013-11-15 kristianfnet-misc/sks: re-add -j1 as build fails without
2013-11-14 kristianfnet-misc/sks: fix repoman output
2013-11-14 kristianfnet-misc/sks: correct library include
2013-11-14 kristianfnet-misc/sks: fix BDBINCLUDE to also reflect BDB4.8
2013-11-14 kristianfnet-misc/sks: Make default BDB version 4.8 as this...
2013-11-03 kristianfnet-misc/sks: fix path in
2013-11-03 kristianfnet-misc/sks-9999: Add crontab entry for KeyDB stats...
2013-11-03 kristianfnet-misc/sks: Update einfo in postinst
2013-11-02 kristianfnet-misc/sks-9999: add mercurial version
2013-11-02 kristianfnet-misc/sks: Add ebuild