2015-10-23 Kristian Fiskerstrandnet-libs/stem: Fix
2015-10-23 Kristian Fiskerstrandnet-libs/stem: Bump version to 1.4.1b
2015-10-23 Kristian Fiskerstranddev-python/future: Import from mrueg's overlay
2015-09-26 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove net-misc/polly
2015-09-26 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove app-crypt/ekeyd
2015-05-25 Kristian Fiskerstranddev-libs/libgcrypt: Remove old versions
2015-05-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandmedia-gfx/gnome-screenshot: Drop package
2015-05-25 Kristian Fiskerstranddev-python/python-sipsimple: Add missing dep on libv4l
2015-04-13 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/xul-ext-monkeysphere: Move inkscape to DEPEND
2015-02-22 Kristian FiskerstrandUpgrade www-apps/ocusagechart to 3.4 for OC8 support
2015-02-22 Kristian FiskerstrandFix file name and manifest from last commit
2015-02-22 Kristian Fiskerstrandwww-apps/owncloud-apps-news: Upgrade to 5.2.5
2015-02-14 Kristian Fiskerstranddev-libs/libgcrypt: Fix manifest
2015-01-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandnet-misc/asterisk: Drop package
2015-01-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Remove package
2015-01-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandnet-fs/samba: Drop package
2015-01-25 Kristian Fiskerstrand(app-crypt/gnupg, dev-libs/libgcrypt): Automake 1.14
2015-01-24 Kristian Fiskerstrandnet-fs/samba: Adding still missing files
2015-01-24 Kristian FiskerstrandFixing
2015-01-24 Kristian Fiskerstrandnet-fs/samba: add missing files dir
2015-01-24 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gnupg: Update autotools requirements
2015-01-24 Kristian Fiskerstrandnet-fs/samba: Resurrect samba-3.6.23-r1
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Remove mkdir for doc
2015-01-07 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate manifest to reflect changes to tarball
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Add fetch-seed and install-key to...
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Fix spacing issue
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Add doc dir in prepare stage
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Fix bad S value from 9999
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstranddev-python/pyGPG: Add Manifest
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstranddev-python/pyGPG: Add gnupg version agnostic version
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Add keywords
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Replace with actual gkeys ebuild
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Remove python_prepare_all
2015-01-07 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Specify SRC_URI and change GnuPG
2015-01-07 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd gkeys-0.1
2014-12-31 Kristian FiskerstrandMisc cleanup
2014-12-30 Kristian FiskerstrandWorking blink
2014-12-29 Kristian FiskerstrandAttempting to get a working net-voip/blink
2014-12-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandapp-crypt/gkeys: Update to use local git repo
2014-12-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandgentoo-keys: Remove unnecessary crud
2014-12-25 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd gkeys
2014-12-24 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd prototype gentoo-keys
2014-12-06 kristianfadd news app
2014-12-02 kristianfadd missing FILES
2014-12-02 kristianfAdd asterisk
2014-12-01 kristianfmedia-gfx/gnome-screenshot: Fix colon in output filenam...
2014-11-19 kristianfwww-apps/owncloud-apps-mozilla-sync: Remove makefile
2014-11-19 kristianfwww-apps/owncloud-apps-mozilla-sync: Add
2014-11-19 kristianfwww-apps/owncloud-apps-dashboard: Correct license
2014-11-19 kristianfAdd www-apps/owncloud-apps-dashboard
2014-11-19 kristianfremove src_compile
2014-11-19 kristianfwww-apps/owncloud-apps-ocusagecharts: Add install instr...
2014-11-19 kristianfAdd MY_PN component for real
2014-11-19 kristianfAdd MY_PN component
2014-11-19 kristianfowncloud-apps-ocusagecharts: Working ebuild - no deps
2014-11-19 kristianfManifest
2014-11-19 kristianfwww-apps/owncloud-apps-ocusagecharts: update SRC_URI
2014-11-19 kristianfwww-apps/owncloud-apps-ocusagecharts: First ebuild...
2014-11-14 kristianfmanifest
2014-11-14 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: removed unused files
2014-11-14 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: Move 2.1-9999 til slot 0 since 2.1...
2014-10-19 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Add 2.0.0
2014-10-11 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: Add patchfile
2014-10-11 kristianfRemove files no longer used
2014-10-11 kristianfapp-crypt/gpgme: Remove as everything is synched with...
2014-10-11 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Remove monkeysphere from overla...
2014-10-11 kristianfnet-misc/sks: Remove everything but live version
2014-10-10 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: add build dep on ghostscript-gpl
2014-10-10 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: add transfig build dep
2014-09-11 kristianfdev-libs/ps4000a: Update description to correct series
2014-09-08 kristianfRemove package.mask
2014-09-08 kristianfRemove eika-otf from repository
2014-09-08 kristianfFix Manifest
2014-09-08 kristianfFix elog in picoscope
2014-09-08 kristianfsci-electronics/picoscope: update elog info
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps5000: Add drivers for ps5000 series to picoscope
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps4000a: Add drivers for ps4000A series to...
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps4000: Add drivers for ps4000 series to picoscope
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps3000a: bump version to -r08
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps3000A: Add drivers for ps3000A series to...
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps3000: Add drivers for ps3000 series to picoscope
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/ps2000a: Add drivers for ps2000A series to...
2014-09-08 kristianfdev-libs/picoipp: Remove x86 keywords as I haven't...
2014-09-07 kristianfAdd picoscope
2014-09-02 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Add patch to fix test failure...
2014-09-02 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: remove beta version, keeping only...
2014-09-02 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Version bump to 1.2
2014-08-24 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: Remove 2.1 beta (non-live) from overla...
2014-08-18 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: Make gnutls-3 min req for 2.1
2014-08-18 kristianfRemove adns
2014-08-18 kristianfAdd missing file
2014-08-18 kristianfManifest
2014-08-18 kristianfManifest
2014-08-18 kristianfManifest
2014-08-18 kristianfadd _beta783
2014-08-18 kristianfAdd beta783
2014-08-17 kristianfManifest
2014-08-17 kristianfRemove := requirements
2014-08-09 kristianfManifest
2014-08-09 kristianfRemove newer version as this is only causing issues