2014-07-29 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: attempt to fix x32 issue
2014-07-29 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: improve ebuild
2014-07-29 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: improve ebuild
2014-07-29 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: improve ebuild
2014-07-29 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: improve ebuild
2014-07-29 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Improve upon ebuild
2014-07-29 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Improve upon ebuild
2014-07-28 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Add virtual/mta as RDEP
2014-07-28 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Update HOMEPAGE
2014-07-24 kristianfmedia-sound/spotify: remove
2014-07-23 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: update asm IUSE
2014-07-23 kristianfdev-lisb/libgcrypt: set asm support default off
2014-07-23 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: bump libgcrypt to 1.6.1 and add...
2014-07-21 kristianfapp-crypt/oid-converter: add dies for external commands
2014-07-18 kristianfdev-libs/npth: manifest rebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfdev-libs/libgpg-error: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfdev-libs/npth: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfapp-crypt/keyart: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfnet-misc/sks: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-17 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: unkeyword live ebuild
2014-07-08 kristianfRemove whitespace
2014-07-08 kristianfapp-crypt/keyart: Fix up ebuild
2014-07-08 kristianfapp-crypt/keyart: include man page install
2014-07-08 kristianfapp-crypt/keyart: Ensure it works across python compat
2014-07-08 kristianfAdd initial live ebuild for app-crypt/keyart
2014-07-01 kristianfapp-crypt/oid-converter: Switch eutils to toolchain...
2014-06-30 kristianfnet-misc/sks-9999: bump db to 5.3
2014-06-30 kristianfnet-misc/sks-9999: bump db to 5.3
2014-06-12 kristianfUpdate manifest
2014-06-12 kristianfnet-misc/polly: add
2014-06-12 kristianfnet-misc/polly: add missing file
2014-06-01 kristianfmedia-fonts/mozilla-fira*: add metadata files
2014-05-31 kristianfMove mozilla-fira files from dev.kfwebs.net to kfwebs.com
2014-05-25 kristianfUpdate repo name and add sign-manifests = true
2014-05-24 kristianfupdate manifest after latest commit
2014-05-24 kristianfCreate separate package for mozilla-fira otf and ttf
2014-05-24 kristianfUpdate name of repo
2014-05-24 kristianfAdd preliminary media-fonts/mozilla-fira
2014-05-19 kristianfRemoving overlay BigInt as fixed in https://bugs.gentoo...
2014-05-15 kristianfRemove paperkey as this is included in main portage...
2014-05-05 kristianfRemove eutils as we're not using epatch
2014-05-05 kristianfAdd net-misc/sks-1.1.5
2014-05-05 kristianfRemove files not longer needed after SKS bump to 1.1.5
2014-05-05 kristianfRemove games-emulation
2014-05-05 kristianfRemove sks 1.1.4 due to CVE-2014-3207
2014-05-05 kristianfAdd sks-1.1.15
2014-03-31 kristianfAdd spotify and libgcrypt on .11
2014-03-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: fix error in permission of...
2014-03-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: fix error in permission of...
2014-02-19 kristianfapp-crypt/sss: clean up ebuild epatch use
2014-02-18 kristianfadd dev-libs/libgcrypt-error as this is now needed...
2014-02-16 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: fixups for 9999 build
2014-02-16 kristianfupdate sks profile, remove 1.1.5
2014-02-16 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: RESTRICT=test the ebuild
2014-02-16 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: update comment wrt tests
2014-02-16 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Start fixing tests
2014-02-13 kristianfupdate doman
2014-02-10 kristianfoid-converter really is 1.2
2014-02-07 kristianfadd app-crypt/paperkey
2014-02-03 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: add 9999 version
2014-02-03 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: make sure it is working
2014-02-03 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Add docutils as dep, clean up...
2014-02-02 kristianfapp-crypt/oid-converter: Misc ebuild cleanups
2014-02-02 kristianfAdd app-crypt/oid-converter
2014-01-07 kristianfAdd SKS to package.mask
2014-01-07 kristianfnet-misc/sks: add 1.1.5 ebuild
2013-12-28 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Add comment for patch
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: whitespace fixes
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: revbump
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: fix patch
2013-12-18 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: add sanity check that openpgp2s...
2013-12-17 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: use domenu
2013-12-14 kristianfnet-misc/sks: file alignment
2013-12-13 kristianfupdate
2013-12-13 kristianfupdate
2013-12-13 kristianfManifest update for sks
2013-12-13 kristianfRemove slotting from libgcrypt as this isn't working...
2013-12-13 kristianfnet-misc/sks: cleanup by mrueg
2013-12-11 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: symlink for agent
2013-12-09 kristianfdev-libs/libgcrypt: ebuild cleanup, specific texinfo...
2013-12-09 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: clean up ebuild to not install in...
2013-12-08 kristianfFixes to gnupg packages
2013-12-08 kristianfFixes to gnupg packages
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg and app-crypt/npth: bump EAPI. Explicit...
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/msva-perl: Fix path on debian mirror
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/msva-perl: Use debian mirror form thirpartymirror
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Use debian mirror form thirpart...
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Use debian mirror form thirpartym...
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Add explicit SLOT deps
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/ssss: Add explicit SLOT deps
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/xul-ext-monkeysphere: Add explicit SLOT deps
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/msva-perl: explicit SLOT deps, add DEPEND...
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: use default rather than default...
2013-12-08 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: explicit slot dependencies
2013-12-08 kristianfnet-misc/sks: Add explicit slot dependencies
2013-12-05 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: add more verbose die to autogen
2013-12-05 kristianfapp-crypt/gnupg: Move autogen to src_prepare
2013-12-04 kristianfnet-misc/sks-9999: update to match 1.1.4 in gento tree