2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: Remove patch not used by 1.1
2013-10-06 kristianfActually remove file
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: *remove 1.0 ebuild, *update digest
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysign: change SRC_URI to not use PN
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/msva-perl: add missing ||die
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: remove non-needed dir creation
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: add missing ||die to ebuild
2013-10-06 kristianfapp-crypt/monkeysphere: Do not depend on default login...
2013-10-06 kristianfUse postinst for monkeysphere
2013-10-06 kristianfadd missing ||die to monkeysphere ebuild
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate user privs in monkeysphere ebuild
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate maifest for msva-perl
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate msva-perl startup to mod 1000
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate manifest for msva-perl
2013-10-06 kristianfFix SRC_URI after update
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate msva-perl to coding standards
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate manifest
2013-10-06 kristianfRemove use of PN variable in monkeysphere package
2013-10-06 kristianfUpdate manifest for monkeysphere
2013-10-06 kristianfRemove COPYING from installation in monkeysphere ebuild
2013-10-06 kristianfmerge
2013-10-06 kristianfTry to fix up monkeysphere ebuild according to standards
2013-10-01 kristianfmonkeysign 1.1
2013-09-30 kristianfFix basename in app-crypt/monkeysign
2013-09-30 kristianfFix missing module Image with pillow. See https://bugs...
2013-09-30 kristianfmerge
2013-09-30 kristianfAdd app-crypt/monkeysign
2013-09-29 kristianfChange modulus for msva_perl port
2013-09-29 kristianfClean up ebuilds
2013-09-29 kristianfwhitespace cleanup
2013-09-29 kristianfHopefully enable 32 bit support for xul-ext-monkeyspher...
2013-09-29 kristianfClean up xul-ext-monkeysphere extension and add support...
2013-09-25 kristianfMemset fix in app-crypt/ssss
2013-09-25 kristianfAdd man page to ssss
2013-09-25 kristianfAdd app-crypt/ssss
2013-09-23 kristianfrename perl-gcpan to dev-perl
2013-09-23 kristianfSet up msva-perl invocation in /etc/profile.d/
2013-09-23 kristianfUpdate xul-ext-monkeysphere to use tar source rather...
2013-09-22 kristianfforget
2013-09-22 kristianfmake optional whether firefox is self-compiled
2013-09-22 kristianfAdd working xul-ext-monkeysphere
2013-09-22 kristianfmsva-perl make more robust
2013-09-22 kristianfAdd missing files
2013-09-22 kristianfmsva-perl working
2013-09-21 Kristian Fiskerstrand Updates
2013-09-21 kristianfAdd Crypt-X509
2013-09-21 Kristian Fiskerstrand *Fix for path for msva-perl *Add manifest files
2013-09-21 kristianfAdd msva-perl
2013-09-21 kristianfinit