misc: Remove gnupg banner from rotation
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2017-11-10 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Remove gnupg banner from rotation
2017-06-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Remove interact with keyserver
2017-06-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Update selection mechhanism for header banner
2017-06-08 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: add gnupg donation banner
2016-01-03 Kristian Fiskerstrand(inc/header.inc.php) remove book references from banner
2015-11-16 Kristian Fiskerstrand(inc/header.inc.php) Update private blog URL to use...
2015-11-09 Kristian Fiskerstrand(inc/header.inc.php) Remove GA and Flattr
2015-06-15 Kristian Fiskerstrand(inc/header.inc.php): switch to local xml file for...
2014-12-19 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd Flattr button
2014-07-14 Kristian Fiskerstrandeven further scew blog entries in header banner
2014-07-14 Kristian FiskerstrandChange header banner preference towards blog entries
2014-05-13 Kristian Fiskerstrandmake twitter link default header banner
2014-04-03 Kristian FiskerstrandIncrease visibility of twitter
2014-04-03 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd twitter reference
2014-03-19 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove other javascript references to the tablesorter
2014-03-19 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove /js/ references as this was never intended to...
2013-10-10 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove google ads
2013-10-10 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd Kristian's blog
2013-04-20 Kristian Fiskerstrand* Add exclude for 32 bit servers not patched in subset...
2013-01-25 Kristian FiskerstrandCheck if status code of ?op=stats request is returning...
2012-10-05 Kristian FiskerstrandVarious minor updates
2012-08-10 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd description of monkeysphere support
2012-07-05 Kristian Fiskerstrand* Add historical chart of number of OpenPGP keys
2012-01-07 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate copyright references to 2012
2012-01-07 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd book reference
2011-07-06 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd list of donations link
2011-06-19 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove e.g. in header bitcoin address
2011-06-19 Kristian FiskerstrandFix esthethic issue in last revision
2011-06-19 Kristian FiskerstrandRemoved blog banner and added donation request
2011-04-20 Kristian FiskerstrandAdding license information - Fix for Issue 3 ( code...
2011-04-20 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove reference to bind stats
2011-04-19 Kristian FiskerstrandInitial Import