2015-06-21 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd BW info and loadbalancer info for signed-tag-2015-07
2015-06-15 Kristian Fiskerstrand(inc/rss2array.php): Make sure to properly check for...
2015-06-15 Kristian Fiskerstrand(inc/ switch to local xml file for...
2015-06-14 Kristian Fiskerstrand(overview-of-pools.php) Fix typo
2015-05-16 Kristian Fiskerstrand(overview-of-pools.php) rewrap text
2015-05-15 Kristian Fiskerstrand(generate_key_bar_chart.php) fix typo in chart
2015-05-05 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd bandwidth information for
2015-05-05 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd bandwidth information for
2015-03-18 Kristian FiskerstrandBump min version requirement to SKS 1.1.5
2015-03-10 Kristian FiskerstrandMissed a replacement of thawte => COMODO on last commit
2015-03-01 Kristian Fiskerstrandinc/ Silence notices
2015-03-01 Kristian FiskerstrandRenew SSL Certificate
2015-02-18 Kristian FiskerstrandExclude list: Remove
2015-02-06 Kristian Fiskerstrandstatus/sks-srv.php: Add BW info for
2015-02-02 Kristian Fiskerstrandoverview-of-pools: Update HA pool description
2015-01-26 Kristian Fiskerstrandip-v1.php: Fix wrong reference to serverobj
2015-01-26 Kristian Fiskerstrandzonetpl: Update primary nameserver
2015-01-26 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate contacts to reflect git repo and use p80 pool
2015-01-26 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate detection of own IP
2015-01-26 Kristian FiskerstrandChange generated DNS values for TTL, refresh etc
2014-12-30 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd BW information for
2014-12-23 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate links from SVN to Git
2014-12-19 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd Flattr button
2014-12-19 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate BW info for
2014-12-19 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove reference to SRV records for HKPS port
2014-12-13 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd info about HKPS for GnuPG 2.1
2014-12-13 Kristian FiskerstrandMove external PDF file to localhost now that BW is...
2014-12-13 Kristian FiskerstrandFix a few warnings, remove current defunct data cleanup...
2014-12-10 Kristian FiskerstrandRestrict HKPS crawler to TLSv1.2 given poodle et al
2014-12-07 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd BW info for
2014-11-09 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd to exclude list upon request...
2014-09-15 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd X509 fingerprint and clarify X509v3 SKI
2014-08-09 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate verify-tls page with info on HKPS pool as well
2014-07-14 Kristian Fiskerstrandeven further scew blog entries in header banner
2014-07-14 Kristian FiskerstrandChange header banner preference towards blog entries
2014-07-11 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd KS Meta BW for
2014-07-10 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd to clusters list....
2014-06-23 Kristian Fiskerstrandstatus/index: update color for version to 1.1.5 as...
2014-06-23 Kristian Fiskerstrandi/index.php: remove banner as this was not served over...
2014-06-23 Kristian Fiskerstrandsks-srv: fix ->
2014-06-14 Kristian FiskerstrandDiscard servers affected by CVE-2014-3207 from the...
2014-06-14 Kristian FiskerstrandChange SRV count from 15 to 10 across the pools
2014-06-05 Kristian FiskerstrandFix SRV issue with HKPS
2014-05-13 Kristian Fiskerstrandmake twitter link default header banner
2014-05-13 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd CRL link to overview of pools
2014-05-13 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd CVE-2014-3207 data to json as well
2014-05-11 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd CVE-2014-3207 info to ks-status
2014-05-11 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd check for CVE-2014-3207
2014-05-06 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate subset pool to 1.1.5 min req
2014-05-06 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd BW info for additional servers
2014-04-28 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd hockeypuck. remove borgnet from exclude list
2014-04-26 Kristian FiskerstrandFirst step at parsing json stats data
2014-04-05 Kristian Add additional keyserver upstream...
2014-04-05 Kristian Add additional keyserver upstream...
2014-04-04 Kristian Fiskerstrandverify_tls: Update fingerprint
2014-04-03 Kristian FiskerstrandIncrease visibility of twitter
2014-04-03 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd twitter reference
2014-03-19 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate list of servers that pre-seed the list for recur...
2014-03-19 Kristian Remove unused variable
2014-03-19 Kristian Improve documentation
2014-03-19 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove other javascript references to the tablesorter
2014-03-19 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove /js/ references as this was never intended to...
2014-02-10 Kristian FiskerstrandAllow SNI hosts back in the HKPS pool
2014-02-10 Kristian FiskerstrandSwitch sks_get_peer_data to use CURL's IPResolve to...
2014-02-07 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd information about the usage of HKPS pool for intera...
2014-02-05 Kristian FiskerstrandSwitch interactions to hkps pool
2014-02-01 Kristian FiskerstrandEnable marking of load-balanced server also for servers...
2014-01-29 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd searchy to load-balanced list
2014-01-15 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate overview of pool to reflect change to HA/rprox...
2013-12-02 Kristian Fiskerstrand* add more bandwidth info * tidying up source
2013-11-30 Kristian FiskerstrandTidying up some code
2013-11-30 Kristian Fiskerstrand* Use first detected issue for Last status Reason ...
2013-11-24 Kristian FiskerstrandSwitch out HKP status for IPv6 status in index listing...
2013-11-19 Kristian FiskerstrandFix missing initialization of arrays in ip6.php, add...
2013-11-15 Kristian FiskerstrandFixups
2013-11-04 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd all IP-only addresses to exclude list
2013-11-02 Kristian FiskerstrandMove assignment of min_req variable outside of forloop
2013-10-29 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd server contact to nonresp servers
2013-10-29 Kristian Fiskerstrand* Add Rprox status for non-included servers * Add code...
2013-10-29 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate color for load balancing
2013-10-28 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd preliminary support for identifying load balanced...
2013-10-27 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove references to SA pool in overview of pools
2013-10-27 Kristian Fiskerstrand* Add h2:target to style.css to highlight target
2013-10-10 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove google ads
2013-10-10 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd Kristian's blog
2013-10-04 Kristian Fiskerstrand*Remove defunct SA pool from main index * Add bandwidth...
2013-09-15 Kristian FiskerstrandTweak timeout values for pool discovery after some...
2013-09-03 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove keyserver from exclude list
2013-08-31 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd new server to BW info
2013-08-28 Kristian Fiskerstrand* sks_get_peer_data.php: Add CRL support\n* exclude...
2013-08-18 Kristian FiskerstrandForce use of detected hostname in early detection
2013-08-13 Kristian FiskerstrandUpdate gendot
2013-08-06 Kristian FiskerstrandCleanup to keyserver map generation
2013-08-02 Kristian Fiskerstrand * ks-status-jason: add HKPS and make Content-Type...
2013-07-31 Kristian FiskerstrandIncrease retention for bar chart
2013-07-31 Kristian FiskerstrandFinishing up adding bar chart
2013-07-31 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd chart of keys added pr day
2013-07-31 Kristian FiskerstrandKey development update
2013-07-17 Kristian FiskerstrandImprove cleanup code for SRV pool data
2013-07-17 Kristian FiskerstrandRemove defunct measuring clients from SA pool