last changeTue, 16 Oct 2018 17:46:31 +0000 (19:46 +0200)
2018-10-16 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: Reduce ttls master
2018-10-16 Kristian Fiskerstrandcore: Update own IP
2018-10-16 Kristian Fiskerstrandexclude: update
2018-09-18 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd more BW info
2018-09-18 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd more debugging
2018-09-18 Kristian FiskerstrandIncrease timeouts for responses
2018-09-18 Kristian FiskerstrandRequire loadbalaned server to be HKPS
2018-09-18 Kristian FiskerstrandAdd more loadbalanced servers
2018-07-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandcore: Refactor server bootstrap process
2018-07-09 Kristian Fiskerstrandtor: Update some addresses
2018-05-20 Kristian Fiskerstrandexclude: update
2017-12-12 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: remove
2017-12-12 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: add as NS
2017-11-10 Kristian FiskerstrandCore: Add as only measuring client for OC
2017-11-10 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Remove gnupg banner from rotation
2017-11-10 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: Update DNS Servers NS records
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