last changeSun, 20 May 2018 20:14:17 +0000 (22:14 +0200)
2018-05-20 Kristian Fiskerstrandexclude: update master
2017-12-12 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: remove
2017-12-12 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: add as NS
2017-11-10 Kristian FiskerstrandCore: Add as only measuring client for OC
2017-11-10 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Remove gnupg banner from rotation
2017-11-10 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: Update DNS Servers NS records
2017-11-10 Kristian Fiskerstrandcore: Gentoo Woodpecker is only OC measuring point
2017-09-06 Kristian Fiskerstrandcore: Update minimum requirement to 1.1.6
2017-08-07 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: Make zone update more robust
2017-08-07 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: Clean up nameservers
2017-08-07 Kristian Fiskerstranddns: Increase TTL to 3600 from 600
2017-06-27 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Remove link to /i from index page
2017-06-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Remove links to vindex and replace with get operation
2017-06-25 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Remove interact with keyserver
2017-06-22 Kristian Fiskerstrandmisc: Add robots.txt file
2017-06-20 Kristian Fiskerstranddoc: add git prefixes list
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